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Beware of Unethical Distributors:

If someone tells you to stop taking your medication and use only CBD Oil, this is irresponsible and potentially dangerous.  CBD can have adverse interactions with certain medications, as can certain essential oils.  Example: Someone with high blood pressure should stay clear of Clary Sage; someone on a blood thinner should stay clear of Arnica Oil.  CBD can slow down the way our liver metabolizes certain medications causing an adverse effect.

If someone is giving you specific dosage instructions, this again should never be done.  I would suggest starting at low dosages as studies show sometime low dosages actually provide more benefits, you can always increase your dosage from there, but you are the only one to make that determination.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when it comes to your health, make sure the person selling these products has a formal education and can talk to you about certain drug interactions.  I am certified in CBD Physiology and Health, Aromatherapy and a registered member of International Association of Therapists.  I would be happy to do the research for you.

Make sure you are buying from someone that is fully insured and can show you their insurance certificate.  This shows they are not only serious about protecting their business, but are making sure you are protected as well.

Our CBD Oil is manufactured by Silver Shadow CBD, they are one of the best in the industry and they do all their testing with Analytical360 a true ISO lab.   The oil and supplements they produce is well above others in the industry.   One of the original CBD manufactures in the USA. 

FDA and cGMP Registered Facility.

Thank You,  

Colleen Curry – CEO, Misty Ridge Organics